I have a whole series of pavement pictures taken in London many years ago (2006).

They are simply pictures with the camera pointed at the ground: the road, the pavement, blemishes and leaves and all. They remind me of London, of the many steps taken in that city, most often not looking down but frequently aware of the physical landscape I was traversing. One might look down to avoid the lines, perhaps to avoid “blemishes” of one kind or another: patterns and markers that formed a series of snapshots on the way to wherever I was going.
This was before the days of automatic geotagging: the pictures are pre-iPhone, meaning I cannot say exactly where they were taken. But I suspect that in any case this is not too relevant, as the roads will certainly have been re-worked and re-painted at least once in the intervening years.
I remember the patterns, the styles, the modes, little details that seem to be unique to the city. Another geography story that connects and defines moments in space and time.

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